Our Top 5 Reasons – why challenging weight loss as a couple has helped us on our journey. 

1) Support – facing a weight loss challenge, in general, is difficult and daunting and no one really wants to do it. But when you have the support of a loved one or anyone who will help you throughout the week and keep you focussed it’s half the battle. A supportive friend reminds you that you’re not on your own. 

2) Relationship – Your relationship becomes important again. It’s not always about the kids it became about us for a short time every week anyway. We gave ourselves that time to think about our week ahead, what we did and what we could do differently. We talked about what we wanted to achieve together and how we were going to help each other to do this. We found our “own” focus. 

3) Togetherness – be it cooking, eating, exercising, shopping and choosing our favourite recipes. It has helped us do all these things together and more. 

4) Competition – healthy competition is good and that old saying “men lose it quicker” became a challenge for me 🤣. Piling our weight loss together meant we were hitting the next stone quicker and that in itself motivated us more. Again it spurs you on to keep losing. 

5) Benefits – so many benefits it’s hard to pin them down. Our family, on the whole, have benefited from everyone eating well and healthy food being a priority. Sleeping much better (no snoring) means we’re waking up feeling happier and ready to face our busy days allowing us to concentrate on healthy choices and making better, clearer decisions throughout. 

Loosing 13 stone has changed our lives in every dimension and has brought us all closer together as a family. 
If anyone needs help or advice on making this crucial change to their lifestyle please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are here to help and support