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Weight loss Myths

FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGGIES ARE LESS NUTRITIOUS THAN FRESH ONES Frozen fruits and vegetables are flash-frozen within hours of being picked, locking in a majority of the nutrients , Eat fresh produce when you can but there is nothing wrong with frozen veg , as you know...

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Doing it Together

Our Top 5 Reasons - why challenging weight loss as a couple has helped us on our journey. 1) Support - facing a weight loss challenge, in general, is difficult and daunting and no one really wants to do it. But when you have the support of a loved one or...

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5 Gains to Weight Loss!

   During our journey of weight loss, there have been lots of losses and inevitably some gains! Here we will let you in on some of the more healthy gains we have encountered throughout! 1) Sleep: Since losing weight we both sleep much better, we're eating...

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5 Simple Swaps

Frylight – changing from olive oil to fry light made a huge difference to our calorie intake on a daily basis. Changing from 120 calories per tbsp to 1 cal per spray!Lighter than light mayonnaise instead of full fat. It tastes fine and is a good option...

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