1. Frylight – changing from olive oil to fry light made a huge difference to our calorie intake on a daily basis. Changing from 120 calories per tbsp to 1 cal per spray!
  2. Lighter than light mayonnaise instead of full fat. It tastes fine and is a good option instead of butter to get you started.
  3. Fat-free yoghurts instead of full fat. I know there are queries and controversies over there use but we did lose 13 stone eating them on a daily basis. I found they helped with the sugar craving too. Having them with berries and things to help. Quark, fromage frais and fat-free natural yoghurts are great for pasta sauces and dips
  4. Skimmed milk again instead of whole milk allowed me to have more throughout the day too. As I do like a few coffees as well as a bowl of porridge!!
  5. Wholemeal options for bread and cereal instead of white bread. This also encourages us to eat more fibre which is, in turn, better for our digestive system all round!!  As we say, small changes can make big differences. Little by little, little becomes a lot…..