1) HEALTH – coming home from a holiday where we thought we were treating ourselves, we felt grumpy, overweight, embarrassed, sick and generally fearful for our weight. We knew we had crossed a line that meant medical intervention might be an option and that was scary. We decided that with age on our side, we could be in a position to make the right decision for the future. We had the CHOICE. So we made it….

2) Children – Having two energetic boys who wanted their dad to play football with them pushed Rob over the line. Seeing them and wanting to join in with them spurred us on for change.

3) Unhappiness – That feeling of just being unhappy with yourself. The way you look, the way you dress, the way you eat, the way you think everyone else sees you! Completely unhappy with our lifestyle in general and feeling like now we had a chance to change this became bigger than ever before. It became important to us for our family for the future.

4) Boredom – As we are and always were totally into our food we felt sick and tired of eating the same thing s all the time. Take aways, going out, starving during the day thinking that was better. We were bored with our dinners and had no routine. We needed a bit of spice (literally!.

5) Shame – it’s a big one ️ but We will never feel it again. We have moved on from guilty eating, constantly feeling like we needed to treat ourselves and still feeling rotten after it. Physically, emotionally & psychologically we have gotten rid of SHAME. It has taken some time but were there. Our lives have changed for the better I can’t even explain in words. We have been given a second chance with our lives. We’re not here forever it’s only a short time so we intend to enjoy every minute of it without any of those damaging feelings we experience when we overeat or don’t eat well incorporating health and wellness into our daily routine.