5 Gains of Weight Loss




During our journey of weight loss, there have been lots of losses and inevitably some gains! Here we will let you in on some of the more healthy gains we have encountered throughout! 

1) Sleep: Since losing weight we both sleep much better, we’re eating better and feel more satisfied or because there’s no more heartburn, indigestion or feeling bloated! No back pain. this was a big one for me because I blamed having the boys and epidurals on having back pain but coincidentally since I’ve lost the weight, I haven’t had as much as a whisper of pain. 
For Rob, it was snoring. he hated the fact he snored so much and even considered surgery, but again since the weight loss, the snoring has stopped. I suppose that definitely has helped both of us! 

2) Energy: we now have much more energy. Getting out for a walk is not a chore any more it’s something we look forward to. Even if it is only half an hour! Running around with the lads is easier and were not out of breath for the whole time either. 

3) Confidence: the opposite feeling to the shame we felt when we were overweight! Feeling happier in ourselves and comfortable in our skin for the first time in our lives is the biggest gain we’ve had! Confidence to exercise or take part in group activities @pureresultsbootcampwould have been nerve-wracking for me but now I feel life is too short, feel good about yourself and be happy with what you do! 

4) Money: A lot of people have the idea that eating healthy food is more expensive but it’s definitely not the case. Planning ahead allows us to work from a shopping list and means

5) Communities: Having the chance to meet so many inspiring people and becoming friends with people who have shared their life’s experiences and in depth knowledge of the field has been amazing.