Our Journey

Together 20 years, married 12, and parents of two young boys Liam and Tommy.

Like so many couples and families out there, we fell into the trap of convenient food, takeaways and eating out, thinking we were far too busy to cook!

After our first holiday alone without the boys, we returned feeling tired, overweight and almost depressed. Our weight had increased and our energy levels had decreased, therefore we knew something had to change.

We set ourselves goals, supported each other and committed to losing weight together. Over the course of two years, we went on to lose a whopping 13 stone. 

We found a new passion for food which in turn created a motivating interest in cooking.

Shopping for, and preparing healthy food for our family has become a daily priority for us. Our fundamental aim is to encourage people to change their lifestyle by eating nutritious, delicious, tasty, healthy and easy to prepare meals for themselves and their families alike.

At Rob & Yvonne, you will find tips and recipes to support your journey to becoming a better you.



We love healthy food that tastes good. We will share our recipes for all the family. 


Healthy Tips

We have learnt a lot along the way. We will share healthy tips with you to help you achieve your goals.

Our Journey

We’ll share our journey to date and our continued journey of healthy living.  


Some of our Clients

We feel so unbelievably lucky, privileged and honoured to have had you join us at Soul Space and for making the day as special and magical as it was.

You were most certainly a shining light for so many people and by you being so incredibly open, honest and authentic it allowed the attendees to be the same. Miriam Kerins Hussey

Soul Space

As a company focused on Agile Transformation, Aspira were delighted to host Rob Cullen at our ‘Lunch & Learn’ event.  Rob shares his journey with candor, insight and humour.  He is relatable and inspiring, demonstrating what can be achieved with motivation, teamwork and a solid plan. I can recommend Rob as a thought-provoking speaker. 

Pat Lucey

CEO, Aspira

Our Recipes

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous & Tasty Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And we are Here to Help!


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Weight loss Myths

Weight loss Myths

FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGGIES ARE LESS NUTRITIOUS THAN FRESH ONES Frozen fruits and vegetables are flash-frozen within hours of being picked, locking in a majority of the nutrients , Eat fresh produce when you can but there is nothing wrong with frozen veg , as you know...

Doing it Together

Doing it Together

Our Top 5 Reasons - why challenging weight loss as a couple has helped us on our journey. 1) Support - facing a weight loss challenge, in general, is difficult and daunting and no one really wants to do it. But when you have the support of a loved one or...

5 Gains to Weight Loss!

5 Gains to Weight Loss!

   During our journey of weight loss, there have been lots of losses and inevitably some gains! Here we will let you in on some of the more healthy gains we have encountered throughout! 1) Sleep: Since losing weight we both sleep much better, we're eating...

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